Apr 18

iphone HD 2

Engadget received some photos from a guy who “found” this phone in a San Jose bar, inside an iPhone 3G case. But what is it, could it be the iPhone 4G (HD)? Unfortunately all we got right now are these pictures. It apparently has a front facing camera with 80GB of storage and isn’t booting at this point. Maybe it’s a prototype of the next gen iPhone or could it be a Chinese knockoff? Anyway Engadget would like to know more about it but the guy who found it is looking to get cash in exchange for hands on time. What do you guys think. Real or Fake? More photos after the break.

iphone HD 1

iphone HD 3

Source [Engadget]

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7 Responses to “Pictures Of The iPhone HD?”

  1. el mike Says:

    Fake obv, that thing looks ugly and cheap

  2. David Says:

    Looks pretty slick if you ask me, it could be a prototype, but I doubt it would be carelessly left in a bar….so prob. fake

  3. borgqueenx Says:

    Well it could be a prototype. First image i cabnt say is fake. Looks pretty good. But again, its already heavy used it seems, so i thunk a prototype.(see the back)

  4. Vinay Rao Says:

    True.. it looks like his mom

  5. Derek Says:

    Looks promising to me.
    You need to get your hands on it really.

  6. The iNews Blog Says:

    There’s no way this is legit. I agree with Mike, it looks way too cheap and ugly for an Apple product.

  7. Derek Says:

    I think it legit because apple arnt gonna allow a cheap knock off using the Apple logo and name also I’d prefer volume buttens instead of the volume rocker I’ve got ,prototype I bet.
    I rest my case for the defence ahhhem
    need to see it fired up and see what the screen looks like

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