Apr 18


Earlier today we posted some pictures of the possible iPhone G4/HD, but it turned out to be a Japanese knock-off. Engadget found out after a reader posted another image of the device which is claimed to have been purchased in Japan. A reader of Macrumors also posted some images from a Chinese website WeiPhone , which looks identical to the one we showed you earlier today. Some extra pictures after the break. UPDATE: Engadget already changed his mind, its not a Japanese Knock-off, it’s the real deal! Read more about it after the break.

Some of you may remember the night before the iPad was revealed, Engadget had leaked shots of the device “next gen iPhone” from what appeared to be an Apple test lab. They discovered that the new iPhone 4G they just gotten photos of is actually sitting on the table beside the iPad prototype! They also got some information from a source that this phone does have a higher res screen on-board, a front-facing camera, a higher resolution camera with flash, and takes MicroSIM cards. In the blurry photo below you can see the device in the upper right corner.


Some pictures of phone part which looks identical to the one above.

iPhone G4 knock-off 1

iPhone HD knock-off 2

iPhone 4G knock-off 3

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