Apr 15

iphone_4G_ shell_500
received some photos claiming to be the back cover of the next gen iPhone “4G?”. These photos also show that its a 64 GB model with a more “boxy” look than the current iPhones. The quality of these photos are not that high so we cant say anything for sure, but it looks like it got a Aluminum Back. What do you think, Real or Fake?

If you know something about this case don’t hesitate to share your information, or if you see something to confirm these pictures are fake or real just leave a comment.

iphone_4G_ shell_500-2

iphone_4G_ shell_500-3

Source [macrumors via FSM]

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8 Responses to “Next Gen iPhone Will Get An Aluminum Back?”

  1. gizzmo Says:

    fake.. its just not apple

  2. Tre Says:

    Faaake. In the bottom pic the text is sideways.

  3. pixel pro Says:

    the “noise” is fake too

  4. dameckish Says:

    The design feels similar to the backside of their iMac’s though

  5. ExNewt Says:

    Aluminum blocks radio signals, so unless it’s terribly thin where the antenna is I say unlikely

  6. jgilfor Says:

    I don’t buy it for a minute.

  7. ozan dikerler Says:

    I dont think that Apple use a boxy design for which we hold in our hands. I like the soap sense when I hold my Iphone, I like rounded corners

  8. Derek Says:

    If that’s the 4g why the he’ll dident he take photos of the front also.
    Because it’s a fake obviousley.
    Mystery solved and I’m not a rocket scientist

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