Apr 14

sbrotator300@Limneos has released version 1.2 of SBRotator. SBRotator is an tweak for jailbroken iDevice users that enables you to rotate you complete user interface to all directions, this includes your Springboard and icons. When SBRotator 1.0 was released it still got a lot of bugs and restrictions, and wasn’t compatible with a lot of other tweaks. Luckily this update will solve a lot of these problems.

SBRotator is now compatible with Iconoclasm, FCSB, Five Icon Dock, FiveIRows, iBlank, libhide, CategoriesSB, ProSwitcher, Infinidock, Infiniboard, Overboard and Shrink. Unfortunately it is not yet compatible with Stack. Version 1.2 also has a 300% better performance, so it will work more smooth than previous. It also got some little extras like extra themes, more settings and a icon to lock the rotation.

You can get SBRotator for $1,99 via the BigBoss repo in Cydia.

Source [iphoneclub]

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