Apr 11

When your delete an App from your iDevice you are asked to rate the App “you know give it up to 5 stars”. Personally I don’t like Rate On Delete simple because I don’t want to rate and if you delete an App you probably don’t like it so its most likely you give it one or 2 stars. People who do not delete the App are not asked to rate it, so because of rate on delete a lot of apps are rated very low. Probably Apple realized it, because it will no longer be available in OS 4.0.

What do you guys think, did Apple made a good decision by removing “rate on delete” in OS 4.0?

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One Response to “Rate On Delete: No Longer Available In OS 4.0”

  1. deep Says:

    Absolutely. I have always hated the “rate on delete” popping up.

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