Apr 11

There will be a lot of new features and additions in OS 4.0 but one of them took our attention. Normally when you go to safari and use the search bar, you can click the “bleu” button on the right side of your keyboard called “Google”, ones clicked your Google search will start. But in OS 4.0 that “bleu” button is no longer called “Google” and is replaced with the word “Search”. What could this mean?

Some time ago there were some rumors about Bing “Microsoft’s search engine” which could be the new default search engine. Is this the proof that Google will no longer be the default search engine on the iDevices? Or maybe we can choose our own default search engine ones OS 4.0 is released.

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2 Responses to ““Google” Replaced With The Word “Search” In Safari”

  1. matt Says:

    Could be just a way to simplify the code. Instead of having a specific name for that button, apple just simplified the code to always display ‘search’ instead of customizing the box with the specific browser. For example, if you switch the default browser in 3.x to yahoo! the button reads ‘yahoo!’ in instead of ‘google’

  2. James Says:

    I agree, I don’t think that this is a sign of Bing coming to iPhone any day soon.

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