Mar 31

itunes 9.1 stopped blackra1n
The never ending battle between Apple and jailbreaks continues. Apple just released iTunes 9.1 with several new features and improvements, but that’s not all. It also kills Blackra1n on Windows. So if you are a tethered blackra1n user on windows, Don’t update!

iH8sn0w is working on a fix for the blackra1n issues that would probably be released today or tomorrow.

Source [FSM]

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4 Responses to “Warning: Do Not Update To iTunes 9.1 If You Are A Tethered Blackra1n User!”

  1. MIke's Mac Says:

    This has already been fixed and has been confirmed to work. Look at the very top of the banner.

    Website link:

  2. playlien Says:

    Got the problem with a lot of DLL files missing.. I put blackra1n in the itunes folder and it worked, But the blackra1n icon never showed up on the springboard..

    Anyway I got cydia installed from rensn0w so just installed the blackra1n repo from there and sn0wed the phone for unlocking. So I don´t really see the use of blackra1n for windows if u do have a wifi at home??

  3. The iNews Blog Says:

    That was quick! I was getting worried Apple was going to start causing some major problems, as they have in the past, for jailbreakers.

  4. The iNews Blog Says:

    You could jailbreak it at home with BlackRa1n, then go to a hot spot with the iPhone and install cydia via the BlackRa1n app.

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