Mar 25

hardware unlock iphone 3g os 3.1.3A shop in Istanbul has uploaded a movie where they show how they perform a hardware unlock on the iPhone 3G with OS 3.1.3. In the movie they open the iPhone to reflash the Baseband to 04.26.08. One thing is for sure, it will definitely void iPhone’s warranty. (check the movie after the break).

This hack only works on the iPhone 3G and unfortunately we cant send our iPhone 3G to them so they can unlock the iPhone for you.

The text in the movie is in Turkish, so if anyone speaks Turkish feel free to translate in a comment.

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One Response to “iPhone 3G With OS 3.1.3 Hardware Unlock [jailbreak]”

  1. Phill Thorne Says:

    Ah What an insight! So all you need is an undesclosed EPROM programmer, Some undesclosed EPROM software & method, A re-flow station and some sticky tape! Pointless even hosting this video, he may as well be picking his nose with chopsticks and dancing to the soundtrack during the whole thing.
    I am surprised that I have found no mention anywhere of an RS232 to TTL type attack on the BIOS with a dab of the old Telnet. Does anyone reckon that stands a chance of a shot at it with a clever soul out there somewhere?

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