Mar 19

22Moo gamebone22Moo, an Australian hardware company. Has created a new version of the GameBone, the GameBone was the first iPhone controller that has been revealed back in June of 2009. Unfortunately the GameBone wasn’t a success and didn’t hit the market. Now 22Moo is pretty confident about the new version of the GameBone.

They just announced that they are currently finalizing method of iPad support. They are working with Manomio to official support the GameBone in their C64 emulator with no jailbreak requirements.

“22Moo’s GameBone is one of the world’s first iPad, iPod touch and iPhone compatible 8-way D-pad 6 buttons gamepad to incorporate a 2000mAh battery and Apple’s 30-pin dock connector connectivity, built-in speakers, mic and 3.5 audio headphone jack.”

For more information about the new GameBone take a look at the 22Moo website.

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