Mar 14

microsoft-iphoneAlmost 10.000 iPhones has been spotted in Microsoft’s network, this means almost 10.000 iPhones are used by Microsoft employees. In 2008 there were 89.809 Microsoft employees working in 105 countries, so about 10% of them uses an iPhone. (fun video presentation after the break).

Andy Lees (manager of the Windows Mobile-division) and his boss Robbie Bach ones said that Microsoft employees most  of the times use the iPhone to get to know more about the competition. But still some of the employees are trying to hide their iPhone when a manager is around.

Steve Ballmer is not that happy when a Microsoft employee uses a iPhone, last year in September when he walked in at a Microsoft meeting he saw an employee shooting a picture with his iPhone. Steve Ballmer took the iPhone and threw the iPhone on the ground.

Others just don’t care, for example Eugene Lin. He ones gave a presentation in Seattle about the development of the iPhone. Eugene Lin is working with the iPhone in his spare time.

Take a look at the fun presentation by Eugene Lin.

Source [iphoneclub]

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  1. Angryboy Says:

    iPhone is the best Handy at the moment ;)
    maybe Gates is using an iPhone ;)

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