Mar 14

preorder_thumb-200x150At 5:30am PT, 8:30am ET the pre-order of the iPads went live. The first 2 hours only, Apple already received 50.000 iPad orders. It took only 6 hours till Apple reached 91.000 orders. The in-store pickup reservation counted 41.000 for WiFi models only.

This are some stats based on a group of investors at the AAPL Sanity Board, these stats are not accurate but are pretty good estimates.

Did you expect this kind of stats? Or are you surprised to see this amount of pre-orders?

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One Response to “91,000 iPads Pre-ordered Within 6 Hours”

  1. Angryboy Says:

    If i wouldhave enough money i would buy myself an iPad. Unfortionally i am broke ;(

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