Mar 12

idongleBack in January Geohot said he was thinking of creating dongle for iDevices with a tethered jailbreak. Unfortunately we didn’t hear anything from Geohot about the dongle since then. Luckily for the tethered jailbreak users there is a new guy in town, @mribreakit who has successfully created the iDongle.

With the iDongle you can boot your tethered jailbroken iDevice without your computer.

For the guys that don’t know what tethered jailbreak is: a tethered jailbreak means that your iDevice is jailbroken but every time you reboot, your device needs to re-jailbreak again. (your device is still jailbroken, but just wont past the iTunes boot screen). To re-jailbreak all you need to do is connect your iDevice to your computer using the iDevice cable.

Thanks to this iDongle you don’t need a computer anymore. Simple plug in this dongle when your device is in recovery mode, and the iDongle will re-jailbreak your iDevice.

Check out the video below to see how it works.

Source [myboyfriendisageek via FSM]

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