Mar 10

yfyAfter the removal of WiFi Finders in the App Store WiFiFoFum decided to take action and submitted WiFiFoFum to the Cydia Store. After WiFiFoFum, yFy Network Finder also joined Cydia to make their App available to iDevice users.

These apps are removed by Apple because they make use of an private framework, something only Apple can use, also Apples license agreement says it is only allowed to submit apps to the iDevices via the App Store, but a lot of developers don’t care and decide to submit apps to Cydia, just like yFy.

yFy1-166x250 yFy5-166x250

The Lite version of yFy can be purchased for $0,99, but is not that fast as the normal version and will not remember the network information when you shut down the app.

Source [iphoneclub]

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