Mar 03

redeye-miniRedeye is a remote control for your iPhone or iPod Touch, the bad thing about it is that it will cost you $188. For a lot of iDevice users $188 is to much money for a remote control. So that’s why they decided to create the Redeye Mini. This is a cheaper and smaller version of the original Redeye remote control.

The Redeye Mini is a small device that you can connect to your iPhone using your device’s headphone jack. This infrared remote control doesn’t require any batteries and has a range from up to 30 feet away.

“RedEye mini offers the power of RedEye, but in a convenient travel size. Use RedEye mini with your iPhone or iPod touch at home, work, with friends and family, or while on business or pleasure travel to control your TV, stereo, cable box, DVD player, and many other devices that receive standard (infrared) signals. The best part? You can pick up a mini this spring for less than $50.”

So what does this little gadget cost you? Well you can purchase this Redeye Mini at ThinkFlood for only $49.

But when you go to the ThinkFlood website you can “Sign-up to find out when you can get RedEye mini, along with a special discount.”

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