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Cretouch high quality casesEverybody likes a good case to protect his iPhone or iPod. But they also would like to have a good looking iDevice. With a lot of cases you can purchase these days you need to give up on thing “The look”. Luckily there is a company that has a good eye for detail and design, Cretouch. Cretouch is a company specialised in putting both thinks together “Quality Protection & Design”.

The best thing of all is that they constantly releasing new products on the market, like the Carbon Series, Neo Hybrid Series, Ultra Thin Series, Gariz Folder Pouch, etc. Just something for everybody’s needs.

There are definitely some cases that pop out, for example the Neo Hybrid Case for iPhone 3G/S. It has a high glossy frame to protect the corners of your iPhone, in combination with a high quality Silicone back for the non-slippery feeling. Neo Hybrid will give you the best benefit of both polycarbonate and silicone altogether for the ultimate iPhone sensation. It also includes a Anti-Fingerprint Screen Protection Film & one Crystal Clear protection Film. For the price of $26.99.


A other big collection created by Cretouch is the Ultra Thin series. This collection includes 36 cases to chose from starting from only $14.99 including a STEINHEIL Crystal Clear protection film. This series is created for perfect fitting and colourful design. For example the Sherbet Pink case for the girls created out of Polycarbonate for only $17,99.

  • UV Crystal coated.
  • High Glossy.
  • 1/29″ thick hard case for iPhone 3G / 3GS.
  • Perfect grip with anti-slip material.
  • Premium polycarbonate skin case with perfect snug fitting.
  • Case has openings for LCD screen, headset, dock connector, camera.
  • Durable and tear-resistant.
  • Steinheil Crystal Screen Protection Film included(1pcs).
  • Apple Logo Protection Film included(1pcs).


Take a look at some other random cases from the Ultra Thin collection like: Tender Blue, Reventon Yellow, Hot Pink, Air, Aura, Black Carbon, Cube, Smooth Touch, High Gloss White.

If you use your iPhone for business purposes, you are probably more likely to have a high quality leather Gariz Folder Pouch. This 100% hand made leather case protects your iPhone from scratches, damages and dust. The microfiber interior keeps your iPhone clean and sleek, for $53.99.

  • Top Quality Genuine Leather
  • 100% Hand Made
  • No Magnetic
  • No Sewing
  • Steinheil Crystal Clear Screen Protection Film included(1pc)


As you can see Cretouch has very high standards, they even pay high quality attention to the box they ship the cases in as you can see above.

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