Feb 25

mobione iphone mockups on windowsIf you would like to create an iPhone app you need a Mac. But now there is MobiOne, with MobiOne you can create mockups on Windows. You can create a design of your upcoming iPhone App or website by using the simple Drag-n-Drop UI layout of MobiOne.

“MobiOne is the best iPhone emulator and Palm Pre emulator on the market today and has just updated to the Milestone 7 version, which includes a new drag-n-drop mobile Web visual designer for mockups, mobile HTML code generation, convenient mobile design templates, updated OSS components, screen capture, multi-touch and gesture support and more!”

  • iPhone emulator and development environment – no need for the iPhone SDK
  • iPhone application development for Windows
  • Visul Designer for mobile Web mockups
  • PhoneGap support
  • Palm Pre emulator and development environment
  • Multitouch support for the iPhone
  • Other popular smartphone emulators (coming soon)
  • Blackberry Storm simulator (coming soon)
  • Google G1 emulator (coming soon)

Till now you can create websites or game mockups with MobiOne and you still need the Apple SDK (on the mac) to create and submit your iPhone App. But MobiOne has big plans for the future.

The goal of MobiOne is to assist designers and developer use web technology (HTML5, CSS3, JS) to rapidly create optimized mobile websites and webapps that can be distributed from your site or the appstore. To date we have concentrated mostly on the two objectives. The later goal for appstore readiness is still in the works but will consist of a cloud-based build service (thus still no Mac requirement). The MobiOne appstore build center is still a few months away from public release but looks promising.


MobiOne is free to download till May 1, 2010 so try it out now its still free. [download]

Source [Genuitec via FSM]

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