Feb 20

secure alpha-numeric iphone passwordYou can only secure your iPhone with a simple 4 digits password. For most of us that’s enough, but some of us just needs a alpha-numeric password to feel a little more secure. There is good news for those people, the folks over at 9to5mac just posted a way for iPhone and iPod touch users to secure your iPhone with a alpha-numeric key.

“We’ve built a profile from Apple’s corporate developement kit that allows alphanumeric passcodes. All you have to do is open this link (On your iDevice only!) and you will be prompted to pick a new passcode. You will be required to make a passcode with a mix of letters and numbers and you cannot put numbers in a consecutive order. For example you cannot choose “max1234″ you would have to do something such as “max2746.” If you ever want to remove this feature simply go to Settings/General/Profiles/9to5mac/ then click remove and confirm. Then change your code back to something numeric.”

Use this app at your own risk. “Do not forget your difficult alpha-numeric password” If you would like to try this out take a look at 9to5mac.

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