Feb 11

flash-player-iphoneWe all know that Apple hates Adobe without good reasons. All Adobe wants is a flash enabled iPhone, like we all do “except Apple” but Adobe isn’t giving up. This time adobe released some interesting stats to show Apple we all want Flash!

Adobe installed a little script on their flash download page to count all the iPhone users that are trying to download the Adobe Flash Player. The counter reached 7 million hits in just 1 month, that are a lot of users that would like to see some flash on their iPhone.

Will Apple finally change his mind about Adobe Flash? I guess not, Apple just doesn’t like the iPhone users enough to give us what we want.

Source [iphoneclub]

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6 Responses to “Seven Million People Tried To Download Flash”

  1. exNewt Says:

    It was actually only 1 person, but they tried 7 million times :P

  2. Derek Says:

    They ipad claims the perfect web surfing experience
    but n flash that’s half a surf experience
    I dunno why the he’ll we can’t have stupid flash sopport it’s crazy

  3. Do you know what? Says:

    THe apple is selfish about their dignity and want to create their own flash player but they can’t where as adode has done it. But still you need to stick on with quicktime only the thing they can do is wait for the developers to develope there quicktime player.

  4. toNYc311 Says:

    This is another reason I love my jailbroken iPhone. Take that Apple! REDICULOUS that we can’t have Flash. And what a joke that the iPad won’t have Flash either. No way will that thing be a perfect web experience!!

  5. elloco Says:

    It’s a simple matter of economics. If you enable flash you automatically enable playing of flash games. That means reduced game downloads from the iTunes store and less revenue for Apple. Sad as their decisions might be for the consumer, the corporation it self is very business oriented and will protect every cent of their interest. Hence the constant fighting against jailbraking (no lock = no need for the itunes store) and the lack of a flash player. As long as Apple accountants see app revenues being larger than phone-sale rise due to inclusion of flash they will not budge on the matter. Unfortunately for them this means they will come to their senses only when a competitor like Android starts selling more phones than they do. Which will take a while.

  6. Chris Daniell Says:

    Well “Frash” is finally here! Works on iPhone 4’s IOS – 4.0.1 as well.. Cheers!!

    …Frash is a flash player emulated from android’s OS but works perfectly!

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