Feb 10

firmware 3.1.3 battery problemsIt looks like we all hate firmware 3.1.3. In the beginning only jailbreaks hated firmware 3.1.3 but now it looks like normal iPhone and iPod users also got problems with firmware 3.1.3.

One of the problems people get since they installed this new firmware is the battery life. The battery meter is jumping from one place to the other, jumping from 25% battery life to 10%. The most ironic thing of all is that firmware 3.1.3 is made to correct battery meter.

The other problem people noticed is a iTunes playlists syncing problem on the iPod Touch, some people cant sync at all and some are losing their complete playlist when they sync.

NOTE: Not all users got these problems, for some users 3.1.3 did some good.

Source [ipodnn]

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3 Responses to “Firmware 3.1.3 Battery & Playlist Problems”

  1. toNYc311 Says:

    Wow so it just became that much more a uesless upgrade lol. I had no plans and still have no plans on upgrading. 1: because I am jailbroken, 2: because I have an iPhone 3GS (pre-new bootrom) and 3: because the upgrade just seemed pointless anyway.

  2. CelsoSC Says:

    I had this playlist problem in my 3Gs since 3.0.1: I plug the phone to sync and after that the iPod app says there’s nothing in the library (although all the files are in there). Then i need to sync once more only to fix the contents list.

    After all, Apple seems have long ditched their beta testers. Bummer.

  3. Zack H├ębert Says:

    anyone else remember FW 2.2.1? I suspect that 3.1.2 is gonna be the same way… I plan to stick to 3.1.2 until I feel I need the upgrade.

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