Feb 03

iphone 4g prototype logoEngadget is the one that was able to shoot some pictures of the iPad just the day before Steve Job introduced it. But what they didn’t noticed at first is that they also shoot a picture that “maybe” includes a prototype of the iPhone 4G.

The picture is not very sharp, so we cant say it for sure. But it looks like a new iPhone, and Apple Insider reports that it is in fact the new iPhone that will hit the market in roughly five months.

AppleInsider reports “People with an impeccable track record in matters such as these say the iPhone in below photo, published by gadget blog Engadget in the hours leading up to Apple’s iPad announcement last Wednesday, is a prototype of one of the handsets due to hit the market in roughly five months.”

iphone 4g prototype

It is hard to see but it looks like the iPhone 4G will not have a black back instead of the traditional aluminum around its front edge. Also if you take a look on the left top of the iPhone it looks like it may include a front facing camera.

Source [Macrumors]

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  1. Jalen Says:

    Wow this is really it? No change of appearance thank god. I hope the megapixel although will be imrpoved.

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