Jan 29

iCC1191 ipad caseThe iPad is not on the market yet, but iLuv already created a bunch of iPad cases and screen protectors that you can order here at i-Luv.com. Prices of the iPad cases lies between $24,99 and $39,99.

iCC801: Silicone Case in 7 Shades price: $ 24.99 [Purchase]

icc801 ipad case

ICC804: Ultra Thin Case with Tatz Graphics price: $ 34.99 [Purchase]
Smooth surfaced ultra thin case with Tatz pattern
Perfect fit for your iPad
Protective screen film for iPad included

icc804 ipad case

ICC802: Flexi-Clear (TPU) Case with Dot Wave Pattern price: $ 29.99 [Purchase]
Light, flexible, and tear/damage resistant case
Perfect fit for your iPad
Protect your iPad from scratches
Charge and sync while in case
Protective screen film included

icc802 ipad case

ICC1191: Anti-glare Type Protective Film price: $ 19.99 [Purchase]

iCC1191 ipad case

ICC806: Leather Cover price: $ 39.99 [Purchase]
Leather case for your iPad
Protect your iPad from scratches and dents

iCC806 ipad case

source: [i-Luv]

Leather Cover price: $ 39.99

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