Jan 28

apple ipadYesterday on Apple’s keynote Steve Jobs told us about the iPad, that we can purchase in 2 months from now for only $499. We are very happy to see the iPad and we will purchase one or more as soon as Apple will release the iPad. We are especially happy with the speed of the iPad. Just take a look at this 10 minutes Hands On video (found on youtube) and the 15 minutes hands on video (from slashgear), it shows you the speed, interface and the apps that you can use on the iPad. These 2 videos gives you a good indication of the iPad. Tell us what you think about it. Will you buy one?

It gives you a good indication of the iPad.

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4 Responses to “2 iPad Hands On Videos”

  1. Joe Says:

    Soo it’s basically a huge version of the itouch ! where’s the web cam and USB hub!!?? Over all it might be a waste of money

  2. dadich Says:

    I can’t wait for it! I hope it would be possible to jailbreak it. My iPhone became usefull only because it was jailbroken. Sad but true.

  3. G Says:

    No Camera, still no flash so…not the best way to surf web, no multitasking & no usb ports, seriously, come on! If they wanna make sumthing ground breaking dont just make a big iPod touch! I was so looking forward to this an have been let down big style, I have an iPhone an that’ll b it, I wont be wasting my money on iPad. now I’m jus iSad :(

  4. kjufte Says:

    Apple should stick to ipods and leave the rest to the people that know what and how to do it.They made the iPhone, which was a huge joke.It was lacking functions and features that already existed for 5-6 years.They made 3 generations of iPod touch and iPhone and STILL NO MULTITASKING!Hello world!Hello Steve!We are in the year 2010 and you build hardware and software from 2000.No flash??Come on the web is basicaly build on flash.90 percent of the most visited sites DO NEED flash.And for all the Apple freaks I can tell you when are you gonna get USB,Web Cam and so on.May be with iPad 3GS or later 2020.

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