Jan 25

duallink iphone charge cableAre you one of those persons that never has enough iPhones or iPods? Maybe DuaLink can be a nice tool for you. It’s a single USB cable that lets you charge and sync two devices at the same time, thanks to a two-port USB 2.0 hub inside the cable.

“According to CableJive, the $26 DuaLink works its magic by including a two-port USB 2.0 hub inside the cable itself. The DuaLink also uses heavy-duty cable and includes a lifetime warranty.”

duallink iphone charge cable

I personally could use one of those, one of the connectors for the iPod and one for the iPhone, very handy to take with me when I am travelling.

You can buy the cable at CableJive for $26 [purchase]

Source [modmyi]

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  1. Arie Says:

    these cables are great, just bought one on http://www.gearcompany.nl

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