Jan 19

gordon-iphone-flash-javascriptWe all know that the iPhone users are complaining about the lag of flash-support on the iPhone. We need flash for the internet browsing experience. Developer Tobias Schneider, a programmer from Munich” has come up with a JavaScript (called Gordon) that makes it possible to run flash content on the iPhone.

Gordon enables Flash files to be displayed in iPhone Browser. Unfortunately not all flash is supported, the flash files need to be embedded in HTML, and it only supports a view SWF tags, but maybe this is the start of a flash enabled browser on the iPhone.

You can take a look here to see some flash demos that will work in the iPhone browser.

Still this is not the solution to have all flash working, because all flash files need to be edited to work correctly with this javascript on the iPhone. Lets hope this is the start of flash enabled iPhone browsing.

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  1. borgqueenx Says:

    lolz, this takes way to much cpu and/or ram. Try to zoom in on such a flash image or saving it.

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