Jan 13

The iphone has a lot of competition these days. But Apple can beat the competition if they create OS 4.0 the way we like. TUAW created a nice list of things the tuaw readers would like to see in the new OS 4.0, in the hope apple will listen to them. I personally am still waiting for flash, bleutooth filetransfer and i would love to see widgets on the lockscreen. What would you like to see in the new OS 4.0?

The readers of TUAW would like to see a faster way to swipe through all our pages of apps. They want one location, accessible to all apps, to store documents on the iPhone. And they want to use the iPhone as an external USB/Wi-Fi hard drive.

What do you want in OS 4.0?

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12 Responses to “iPhone OS 4.0, What Do You Need?”

  1. rene Says:

    make it possible to write phonenumbers to the simcard

  2. trim qemali Says:

    It seems non sense, you can already find software to use the Iphone as USB/Wifi drive, you can tranfer files though BT with third party app, store docs and so on….
    People think harder, you should as for ex. the Apple to let you record all incoming-outgoing calls in background, just like anroid has, so we dont have to pay to spoof app similar apps to record calls (and outgoing only)/

  3. exNewt Says:

    A way to accept/put away/schedule a meeting invite that comes as an email attachment.

    I think all the other bases are covered by Apps for jailbroken iPhones

  4. Joe Says:

    I want to be able to use my iPhone 3gs as a modem for my laptop !!!

  5. David Says:

    everything you can do jailbroken, w/o jailbreaking. customization of wallpapers icons, etc. something like orbit, but built in, tethering, the ability to try out paid apps, not the stupid lite versions. projector like the expo would be cool, but it would ruin the form factor. uhh…..flash also, cant think of anything else atm.

  6. totushi Says:

    make it thinner please!

  7. freegadgets4youuk Says:

    There is an app in cydia that does this

    I forgets its name, it might be “sim management or sim manager, something like that

  8. Jesus Says:

    You can already…

  9. Jesus Says:

    You are retarded to think your firmware update will reduce the size of your iPhone…

  10. ac Says:

    F L A S H P L A Y E R ! ! ! how can the supposedly best convergence device on the planet not play FLASH!!! AAARRRGGGHHH!!!

  11. itstena Says:

    64GB please with 5MP camera with flash and the ability to customize wallpaper and icons without jailbreaking… is that enough? It would be nice a little thinner but I like my big screen although it could be bigger… OH, and by the way, NO AT&T please! Thank you.

  12. Kenneth Says:

    The ability to run apps together or more than one at a time. Flash player and the ability to customize your background. I would also want to see a video conference native application, A 3D screen, virtual numbers, and native VOIP.

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