Jan 08

dell slate 3
A lot of tablet “slates” are shown at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas. They all have multitouch and look the same. Till now HP, Dell, Compal, Archos, Pegatron and Freescale introduced a tablet, and none of them announced the release date or price. However the slate concept Dell introduced looks a lot like a big iPod Touch and could be interesting.

There is not much information availible yet. But Gizmodo had the chance to create a view photos of a red Dell Slate. What we do know is that it includes a 5MP camera a 5 inch multi touch screen and will come with a built-in SIM card option. [pocket-lint] Dell also said they are working on different screen sizes and form factors.

dell slate 1dell slate 2 dell slate 4

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3 Responses to “Dell Slate, A Big Ipod Touch? [CES]”

  1. Enigmistico for iPhone Says:

    I wait the 27 Jennuary, i think that Apple surprise me another time

  2. Mike Says:

    I’ll take a Apple iTablet but I will also get one of these.

    Love the look but not sure about running windowz on it. Prefer the Mac OSX

  3. Andrew Says:

    It might not run windows, it might run android or something like that.

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