Jan 03

501px-o2_logosvgThe iPhone causes a big increase in the worldwide mobile datastream because of the many iPhone applications that makes use of the internet. Because of that O2 “a British iPhone Provider” has experienced downtime problems for almost 6 months. O2 apologised to customers in an interview with Financial Times and said they are upgrading its network to solve the downtime problems.

O2 also said they work with Nokia Siemens Networks, to make modifications to the infrastructure to improve its service. They will also install an additional 200 mobile base stations in London because the main problem lies in london.

I personally think that Apple should not stick to one provider, this way they will spread the dataload and will not cause that much downtime anymore.

source: macworld

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One Response to “O2 Can’t Handle iPhones DataStream”

  1. Paul Wilkinson Says:

    The iPhone in the UK is now available on other providers such as Orange and Vodafone so the load should lighten. However for the past 18 month O2 alone had taken the iPhone bandwidth hit and I must say from the North East of England the performance is fine, so no comlaints here but im glad to see they are working on the service.

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