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MustappsMainPromo-1MustApps In Box is a new application from the creators of batteryfull +(alarm) This new application is a collection of 8 handy apps in one package. It contains the apps: BatteryAlarm, Tip Calculator, FullBrowser, Flashlight, Sales Calculator, Date Calc, Loan Calculator and Calculator. So what can all these apps do for you? It helps you to calculate almost all thinks you can think of. It gives you an alternative browser and it tells you when your iPhone is done charging. Below is a list of more detailed explanations.

BatteryAlarm: This application helps you while you are charging your  iPhone. You’ll here an alarm when the battery is full.

FullBrowser: This is an alternative full screen (3.5 inch) browser with extra options to send link via email and to open the url links with safari.

Flashlight: Is a very simple app that will change your iPhone display to a color of your choice (4 colors included) so you can use your iPhone as a Flashlight.

DateCalc: This app gives you the ability to calculate difference between 2 days.

Loan calculator: This app will help you to calculate your monthly payment, total interest and total cost of any loan.

Calculator: This is just a standard calculator with back space button.

Sales Calculator: This is your little shopping assistance. It uses a big number keypad to calculate your discount prices and savings easily and fast.

Tip Calculator: Helps you to calculate tips and split bills easily.

This MustApps In Box (8 in 1) helps to calculate almost everything you can think of and includes some extra fun apps for only $0,99 or €0,79. You can download MustApps In Box here.

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