Dec 28

pedal-brainIf you ride your bicycle a lot, it may be handy to have an iPhone with the application “Pedal Brain”. The app is said to be more precise than tracking-applications like “Map My Ride” and “Runkeeper Pro”. Pedal Brain reads data from special devices that use the ANT+ protocol. It’s not a cheap solution, because you need the ANT+ sensor AND the Pedal Brain Synapse-holder that can be attached to your bicycle. This is going to cost you something between $130 to $190 and will be available in the bike shop March next year.

pedal-brain-iphoneWith Pedal Brain it’s possible to measure the power in Watt, which isn’t possible with GPS-based applications. Apple has already approved the accessory. Pedal Brain also wants to offer an online subscription plan so you can keep track of all the data from the last couple of weeks. There is also a basic plan which is free, but that one lasts only 7 days.

While riding your bike you see how you are performing via the application on your iPhone. You can also see where your team mates are via the GPS function.

More Info: Pedal Brain
Source: TechCrunch

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