Dec 24

door24newsaThe last day of the AppventCalendar is today. Like yesterday, today there won’t be a new free game. Instead BlackSmithGames offers another contest. They also thank everybody for their cooperation and  comments. The Appvent Calendar was a huge success and it will be back in April next year. Below are the details of the contest.



  1. Create a funny/crazy/unique picture. Topic: “Pizza loves Christmas”
  2. Christmas time: Write a poem, sing a song on Youtube, create a cristmas card or create anything you want (topic: christmas)
  3. Send us a picture showing you plaing Plushed in a funny situation.
  4. Twitter: Thank 3 developers who made their game free for Appvent. Make a Screenshot of that tweet.

They also want to come back with another AppventCalendar next year:

“Because of the big success we decided to continue Appvent Calendar. Come back on April to this site. Help us to search some (free) easter apps. Developers can now apply here for the Easter Event: Contact. Further come back in december 2010 for a bigger and better Appvent Calendar 2010!!!”

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