Dec 19

ClearPad_01Synaptics is the company behind the development of technologies like trackpads, touchscreens and other similar touch technology for Apple. Thanks to the iPhone, the touchscreen performance have become really good. Synaptics is already working on the next step in the touchscreen business.

The next generation touchscreen-phone will be like this: a squeezable sponge, which allows touching and “caressing”. The project is called Fuse and Synaptics is working together with The Astonishing Tribe, who developed not only the Fuse interface, but also the ones from Android and Sony Ericsson.

The next-generation mobile phones not only have a touch sensitive screen, but also has a seamless processed touchpad on the back and extra accelerometers to detect pinch movements. By “caressing” the back of phone, it is possible to scroll without your finger blocking your view. By rotating your iPhone it is also possible to carry out new actions. This way it becomes very easy to control the phone with just one hand. The technology is still in a prototype state and will not be in your local shop soon. Still, in the future, it is very likely we will see this technology in many devices.

Synaptics also brings several devices on the market, meant to show the technology. The one shown in the upper left corner is called ClearPad 3000. This device has a multi-touchscreen that can handle all 10 fingers at the same time.

Source: Synaptics

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  1. borgqueenx Says:

    Controlling safari with accelerometer ? No thanks.

  2. Moon Says:

    hmmmm ,, its cool

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