Dec 10

worms-20-iphoneA new update for Worms has been released. This brings the game to version 2.0 and adds a lot of new wanted features. The graphics have been given a nice update for users of the iPhone 3GS. You can also submit your score to Twitter and Facebook. The best new feature is the fact that you can now play against friends via Bluetooth.

Earlier iPhone versions of Worms only made it possible to play multiplayer by giving the iPhone to your friends when it was their turn to play. Finally you don’t have to be afraid that your friends accidentally drop the iPhone anymore. With the Bluetooth multiplayer option everybody (2 to 4 players) can play on his/her own iPhone. The support for Wi-Fi is still not available.¬†Another big change is the fact that owners of the iPhone 3GS can play with higher graphics. New 3D-backgrounds and better effects for objects have been added. 3GS-users also have better audio qualities.

The rest of the new features are:

  • the option to listen to your own music while playing
  • you can now also replay the mission to see how well you killed your friends
  • there’s a new survival mode called Body Count.
  • and there’s a Plus+ integration to see the highscores of your friends.

Don’t own Worms yet? Go to the [App Store] and pay the $4,99

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