Dec 07

IMG_0690Both the updates for Minigore and Eliminate Pro have arrived in the App Store today. Minigore has delivered the Christmas update with Santa as one of the many new playable characters and a boss unit. Eliminate Pro also comes with a couple of new features. One of those features is the new map ‘Knox’.

Minigore has the following new features:

  • Enviro-Bear as a playable guest star
  • New playable characters: Jerry Gore, Evan Hsu, Xmas Gore, Sensei Evan, Kid Gore and Santa
  • New boss unit Wormwolf who comes in several sizes
  • Grenade launcher
  • Upgradable weapons
  • Day & night cycle
  • Snowy forest level
  • New voice acting by Egoraptor (Jerry Gore and Santa)
  • New achievements
  • New sound effects
  • PlayHaven community¬†features

The Santa and Kid Gore characters can be played after an In-App Purchase of $0,99 each.

Minigore can be yours for only $0,99 [App Store]



These features include:

  • new “Knox” Map (pictured above)
  • new pre-upgraded Prototype gear
  • new Mods for customizing your abilities
  • new custom armor graphics
  • new player Ranks to achieve beyond level 50

Ngmoco promises more new content to come.

Eliminate Pro can be downloaded for FREE [App Store]

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