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JerryGoreScreenshot04Minigore is waiting for it’s second update with episode 3. We previously posted some information about the upcoming update. Mountain Sheep, the creator of Minigore, hopes the update will be out before Christmas. There’s some extra information about the new playable characters that come with episode 3.The characters are:

  • Jerry Gore – John Gore’s elderly uncle, features voice acting by Arin “Egoraptor” Hanson
  • Enviro-Bear – first cross-promotion character from Justin Smith’s Enviro-Bear 2010
  • Xmas Gore – John Gore wearing a Christmas costume and a bigger belly
  • Evan Hsu – Minigore tagline winner Evan Hsu
  • Sensei Evan – Grand prize of the unlockable characters

Santa and Kid Gore will be available as downloadable content. The gameplay is changed and seems to offer a whole new experience. In order to play with the different characters you have to generate enough kills. With enough kills you can upgrade to the next character.

There’s also a big change when it comes to weapons. You have the Beast mode, the shotgun and the grenade launcher. Each weapon can be upgraded to level 10.

“For example: Grenade launcher level 1 shoots one grenade, it could be classified as a precision weapon. Level 10 grenade launcher shoots several grenades to various directions and distances and it’s more like a carpet bomb.”

Watch the preview video that TouchArcade made (Note: if you don’t want to see the different playable characters and the new boss ‘Wormwolf’ in action, you better not press the play button):

Mountain Sheep is apparently taking these guest character appearances seriously and provided this teaser for a character coming in Episode 4:


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