Nov 30

030412-tab2The name ‘TabletMac’ was previously in possession of Axiotron, but has now transferred to Apple in the past year. A few years ago, Axiotron brought the ModBook on the market. It is a converted MacBook but with a touchscreen. Since 2007, Axiotron changed the name to TouchMac. Till now, unnoticed, Apple is now the new owner of the ‘TouchMac” trademark.


MacRumors doesn’t think that Apple will use the name for their Apple Tablet, because it’s likely they want to use a more neutral name, since they’re planning to target the Apple Tablet at the broad consumer market. Also the software will probably be an enhanced version of the iPhone OS. It could also be possible Apple wants to prevent ┬áconfusion between TabletMac and their own Mac products. In any case, Apple could potentially release a product with the name “TabletMac”.

Source: MacRumors

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