Nov 23

reloading1Cydia is a beautiful program with a lot of very cool plugins for your iPhone software, but it also has one big drawback: the reloading of data almost every time you restart Cydia. Well, there’s now a beautiful plugin for SBSettings to get rid of that drawback. It’s called ‘NoCyfresh’ and adds an icon to the SBSettings application. With one push on the icon the ‘Reloading Data’ pop-up will not show up anymore.

NoCyfreshYou can still manually refresh while in Cydia. After installation a respring is required. If you want the icon to show up amongst the other icons on your SBSettings panel, go to More in SBSettings, press Set Toggles and switch NoCyfresh On or Off. NoCyfresh is free and can be downloaded via a search option or via the repository from iSpazio.

Keep in mind you need a jailbroken iPhone for this to work.

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5 Responses to ““NoCyfresh” Deactivates The Reloading Of Cydia [Jailbreak]”

  1. DHH Says:

    “Keep in mind you need a jailbroken iPhone for this to work.”

    Yeah, thanks for that reminder. Almost opened Cydia on my non-jailbroken iPhone to download the app…

  2. ericeissens Says:

    Don’t need to be sarcastic. It was just a reminder to make sure you are on a jailbroken iPhone (or iPod touch). In case people are trying to find Cydia on their non-jailbroken device.

    Btw you should really give it a try to jailbreak your iPhone. You can then download and install Cydia apps like “NoCyfresh”.

  3. toNYc311 Says:

    it doesn’t stop my cydia from refreshing. the toggle doesn’t work. and it also seems to have been removed from the ispazio repo as well.

  4. Maz Says:

    I had nocyfresh n it was working well. Till face with other issues n I had to tester my fine and rejailbreak it. I can’t seem to find nocyfresh no more. If any one know the repo please mention it or fire me an email. Ur help is greatly appreciated. Ispazio no longer have this app.

  5. N00bguy Says:

    where is cydia?????///

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