Nov 23

ipod touch cameraThe latest rumors about the iPod touch say that there will be a new version next spring. This time WITH a camera.

Many people were disappointed (including myself) that the 3rd generation iPod touch, launched in September this year, had no camera. There were many many rumors predicting the camera and even accessory manufacturers were busy producing iPod cases with a hole for the camera in it.

The audience assumed that there were complications with the camera-modules at the last moment which made Apple decide to not put a camera in the 3rd generation iPod touch. Later, people found an empty space inside the iPod touch which indicated that Apple was planning to put a camera in the device.

According to the rumors, the update of the iPod touch next spring will be the same camera as the iPod nano. That means you can only capture video, but no pictures, meaning the iPod touch stays behind the iPhone when it comes to picture quality and possibilities.

Source: Examiner

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2 Responses to “iPod touch With Camera Next Year?”

  1. iWant Camera Says:

    Awesome! I don’t care if it’s just a video camera, it’s still a camera! Plus, there will probably be a Cydia app to Tweak it and take pictures too (or just use the screenshot function).

    Although I probably won’t use the camera a lot, it will be handy at times.



  2. the ownage Says:

    after they opened the ipod touch and reassembled it, did it still work?
    if it did, you could get a special camera made and put it inside. i also wondered with the 3g, it has a metal back but a little bit of black plastic panel on the back as well. thats where a camera would be probably. if you wanted to you could get free wifi as well, by taking the ipod touch apart and modifying it. there are s many things that you can do these days

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