Nov 22

multiflow1MultiFl0w is a new application for the iPhone, available in Cydia soon. The app allows you to scroll through, previously opened, applications and see the apps in a row. The apps can be shown in full screen mode when you tap on the app you want to see.It’s a BigBoss repo and basically a graphical interface for Backgrounder. For people not familiar with Backgrounder (also available in Cydia), the app can keep apps running in the background. When an app is opened, press the home button until you see a notification that says “backgrounding enabled”. When you quit that app and re-open it again, the app doesn’t have to load any more. It’s particularly handy for navigation software applications like TomTom or Navigon. Multifl0w adds a nice graphical interface to the Backgrounder application.

The app has been submitted and will be available for download in the next few days. The see how the app looks and works, have a look at the demo below:

More info:

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