Nov 21

smartscreenA new Cydia application is now available for download. The app is called SmartScreen and has a free version with only 3 widgets and there’s a payed version that costs $5. Late September the app was announced. The app is for both the iPhone and iPod touch and enables you to show informationwidgets on your lockscreen. The have the same look and feel as the widgets from the Mac Dashboard.

With SmartScreen you’ll be able to put several widgets on your lockscreen, like the weather, agenda, Twitter-list, notes etc. There can be several screens which you can organize with the SmartScreen application. You can re-arrange widgets, hide them or show them, and you can preview widgets. You can also create Control-buttons so you can use features like the iPod function, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 3G and other services with a double-tap on the home-button.

The Lite version has a few restrictions. You can only have 3 widgets, no Control-screen, no Shake to Shuffle on the lockscreen, no possibility to show widgets and hide them and you also don’t get udpates with new functions. Developers who want to start developing for SmartScreen can download the SDK.

Keep in mind you can only use this application if you have a jailbroken device with iPhone OS 3.0.

Watch a video to see the app in action:

There’s SmartScreen Lite and SmartScreen full version for $5
More Info: SmartScreen

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