Nov 21

gameloft-love-app-storeThe French game developer Gameloft, known from iPhone games like The Settlers and Shrek Kart, has announced that the development of games for the Android platform will be put at a lower priority. The reason for this decision is that Gameloft has sold 400 times more games for the iPhone compared to the Android sales.

According to Gameloft’s financial director Alexandre de Rochefort, they are not the only ones who decided to invest a little less in the Android platform, there are a lot more developers who did the same. The reason for this is the weakness of the App Store for the Android. The buying process is unnecessary difficult and the free apps are getting too much attention.

Alexandre de Rochefort also says, besides Apple’s App Store, there’s no other company making profit thanks to Android’s App Store. Last quarter Gameloft made 13% profit thanks to Apple’s App Store.

Source: Reuters

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