Nov 18

dashboard-275Dashboard on the Mac means you have widgets. Those widgets can be a clock, a calendar, notes, the weather, a calculator and many more. It’s now also possible to have Dashboard on your iPhone. It’s called CrazyDashboard. The same kind of widgets can now run on your mobile phone. Keep in mind that ¬†you must have a jailbroken iPhone in order to install Dashboard.Go to Cydia, click on Manage and then on Sources. Click on Edit in the upper right corner and then on Add in the upper left corner. Type ‘‘ and click on Add Source. After that’s done go to Search and type CrazyDashboard in the search search bar. Click on the program which takes you to the info page. Click on Install in the upper right corner and then on Confirm, also in the upper right corner. Cydia will now install CrazyDashboard. When that’s done you must Return to Cydia.

The next step is to start Winterboard and select Dashboard Shortcut, which should be at the top of the list. Press the home button to quit Winterboard. Winterboard will respring to enable Dashboard. The next thing to is, to go to Settings, then General, and then Home. You then see a list of Double-click-Home-Button apps. One of them should be Dashboard. Select that program and press the home button to quit Settings. If you press the home button twice fast, Dashboard should appear. You can then select a background image. You can also add more widgets with the + button. Have fun!

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The following video explains how to install Dashboard and it shows how it looks like. The video is not in English but it really speaks for itself. Have a look:

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