Nov 17

Last weekend 4000 iPhone were stolen from a logistics company in the Belgium Willebroek. The iPhones were ready to be delivered at the Belgium iPhone provider Mobistar. The shortages of iPhones is now even greater. The total sum of the 4000 iPhones is estimated at 2 million euros.

The thieves seemed to know exactly what they were doing and where to look, because the opening in the roof was directly positioned above the iPhone cargo. Thanks to a fire ladder, the thieves were able to climb on the roof. Eventually the thieves can’t do much with the iPhone, because the serial numbers will be blocked making the iPhone unusable.

The police started an investigation, but so far there’s no sign of the thieves. Provider Mobistar hopes a new shipment will arrive soon.


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One Response to “4000 iPhones Stolen From Belgium Company”

  1. achmed Says:

    allaha damit i kill you !!!

    das balen 4000 iphones en er dan niet aan hebben



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