Nov 07

sony-ringtonesThe Sony Walkman lost their battle against Apple’s iPod, to become the most popular media player, a long time ago. So it’s time to come with something else. Sony now tries to help Apple a little bit. Instead of having the most popular media player they now try to become the most popular ringtones producer. At least that’s what they must be thinking, because for €14,95 you can buy 1,000 rintones for your iPhone. You get ringtones ranging from Hollywood-soundeffects to musictracks and funny voices from comedians.

1000ringtones_lIf you want these ringtones delivered to your doorstep then you must be aware of an extra €22,95 charge for shipping costs. The total sum is €37,90 without VAT. Fortunately you can also buy a digital version, also for €14,95. Ofcourse you can also go to iTunes and create your own ringtones.

Source: Sony

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2 Responses to “Sony Offers 1,000 Ringtones For Your iPhone”

  1. Thiago Korsakoff Says:

    Hello! Good tip in your post.
    I think that today one of the few things that can differentiate one cell from another is the ringtone. After all, more and more people are using the same type of device (iPhones, for example). Moreover, the ringtone is now a brand of style.
    So I use a nice variety in my cell.
    And all got for free at:
    Well, that’s it! Some of the other visitors have another opinion?

  2. Lenny Says:

    You can make your own right in iTunes anyway you want for free. Why pay???

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