Nov 05

ipod dockClick on the picture to see a larger version. What is it? An airplane? Well no, but it is big nonetheless. The little thing in the lower right corner is an iPod nano. The big ‘thing’ is called the Wall Of Sound and is meant to be a giant iPod-dock!

The Wall Of Sound (WOS) weighs 102 kilos, has a width of 125 cm, a height of 95 cm and costs almost 4,5 thousand dollars. It’s the biggest iPod-dock in the world. According to the website the WOS is “…for people who believe that music should be listened to loudly”.

Even though it costs a lot of money the first edition of the WOS has sold out. You can already subscribe for the second edition. You need a very large tree in order to put this ‘little’ present under it.

Source: The WOS experience

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