Nov 03

emergency-chargerThis Emergency Power Charger of only 29g, has a dimension  of 75 x 32 x 17 mm and can be used for the iPod Nano, Video, iPod Touch and ofcourse the iPhone.
It is a very simple concept, you can charge you iPod or iPhone using 2 AA batteries when you don’t have access to a power socket. Because it only uses 2 AA batteries it is made as a emergency charger, otherwise you need a lot of batteries to keep charging your iPhone.

The charger has a long cable, and works perfectly. But we advice you to only use it as an emergency charger or buy a nice amount of rechargeable batteries.

What do we think of this Emergency Charger?

1. The downside is that it feels really cheap, one drop and it will break.: (2/5 Stars).
2. It is a “Plastic” charger but still the price of only $5,55 ($5,28 for iphonefreakz readers) is not much and it works as it should be. (4/5 Stars).

Total score (3/5 Stars).

For all readers we have a %5 discount code for all your orders on


This Emergency Charger can be bought here on for only $5,55 or $5,28 for readers, and they offer worldwide free shipping.

For more cheap iPhone gadgets check here.

For example this Leather Skin Case Cover for the iPhone 3G. It only costs $3.89 -5% for iphonefreakz users and has access for 2 creditcards, and has a magnet clip to close the case. (I used the 1st Gen iPod Touch in the photo below).


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