Oct 29


Apple contacted The New York Times to discuss getting the newspaper content on the upcoming Apple Tablet. Other rumors suggest Apple wants to bring interactive comics to the tablet computer. They also contacted Australian media companies about the same proposal. And before that, rumors leaked about Foxconn being the most likely manufacturer of the device. New rumors seem to confirm that rumor.

The latest rumors says that Apple went to Asia to find a manufacturer for their Tablet computer. Foxconn is probably going to be the manufacturer of the device. It is no surprise though since the Asian company has made lots of components for other Apple products in the past.

“A source tells us a system integration engineer friend of his at Apple has been ramping up his travels back and forth between China lately, broadcasting word of his travels over the Internet. There’s even a few weeks scheduled during the Christmas holiday season.”

The Tablet is rumored to be launched in the first quarter of 2010 and will most likely function as en e-reader. The media en internet features will also be a part of the main functions of the device.

Source: iTabletFreakz.com

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  1. borgqueenx Says:

    It gotta replace my iphone or pc, else its nothing!:P

  2. Anna Says:

    So beautiful~ I want to get one.

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