Oct 23

mini-stereo-2This little speaker of only 54g, has a dimension  of 60 x 20 x 10 mm and is compatible with the iPhone and iPod. It’s very handy for people with the 1st gen ipod touch or an older ipod version. This speaker doesn’t need any battery because it just uses the battery of your ipod.

We have tested this speaker on the 1st Gen iPod Touch and the iPod Nano 4 and with the amount of volume this little speaker produces it is really a must have gadget for all the ipod users.


Some of you probably think “it will drain the iPod battery like hell”. Well they have a solution for that. While you are listening to your music, you can charge you battery at the same time. They have created a little usb input on the bottom of the speaker so you can listen to your favorite music while you are charging your ipod. (usb cable is included).

What do we think of this Mini Speaker?


1. It is a plastic speaker, but it feels really strong and of good quality. (5/5 Stars).

2. The sound quality is very good and loud. (4/5 Stars).

3. The size of this Mini Stereo is a big plus. It still could be a little bit smaller but I am really happy with it. (4/5 Stars).

4. For only $9,00 ($8,55 for iphonefreakz readers) this is just a must have gadget for all the 1st gen ipod touch users out there . (4/5 Stars).

Total score (4,5/5 Stars).

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This Mini Speaker can be bought here on budgetgadgets.com for only $9,00 or $8,55 for iphonefreakz.com readers, and they offer worldwide free shipping.

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