Oct 22

Go to a random computer shop and you can probably buy a lot of accessories for your iPhone. Things like chargers, batteries, and protection layers are among the most popular items. But things like standards are also popular, but why not make one yourself?

With plexiglass, metal or cardboard, you can easily make a standard for your iPhone. The holder has two parts that slide into each other. Connected with each other forms a pretty firm standard. The standard is easy to carry with you because the two parts can be removed from one another as well. This makes it very easy to carry it in your pocket or bag and take it with you to your job.

The video below shows you a standard made of plexiglass:

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One Response to “Make Your Own iPhone Standard With Plexiglass”

  1. Mohamed Rashwan Says:

    This one is exactly the same like the one of the old Nokia 7710.
    The nokia one was made of leathers instead of glass.

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