Oct 22

microsoft_logoIt seems to be an ad-war between Verizon and Apple. But now Microsoft is also directing its attack on Apple. Verizon mainly focused on things the iPhone lacked, Microsoft focuses on the lacks of the App Store. Ofcourse Microsoft wants to promote their own Windows Marketplace, that they launched earlier this month.According to Microsoft, they were much stricter when it comes to accepting applications in their Marketplace. That’s why there were much less applications in the Marketplace when it was launched. That’s what they show in the video below:

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One Response to “Another iPhone Ad Attack…From Microsoft This Time”

  1. Wayne Says:

    Yeah, well, there may be a lot of worthless apps in the app store, but there are thousands and thousands that people actually use. Me, I get a kick out of iFart going through my trucks speakers. I play it loud with the windows down while I’m at a stoplight. :-)

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