Oct 21

cydia-logoSince firmware 3.0 everybody has the ability to cut, copy and paste text and images. A developer had some ideas and developed a new application that offers more options. Keep in mind, you need to jailbreak your iPhone and install Cydia before you can install “Action Menu”.

Selecting text provides you with the standard select, copy and paste options. But “Action Menu” adds a button with three dots. Tapping on that button adds a new option: Favorites. You can store pieces of text there, to reuse them later. So by selecting a piece of text you can cut, copy, paste or add it to your favorites.

You can turn “Action Menu” on or off via Settings. You can also choose between icons and text and choose which action you want to enable. You can also buy new actions via Settings. For $2,99 you can ask for the history of your pasteboard or search for a word and translate it. There is also a Twitter button. Pressing the Twitter button only opens you Twitter application, nothing more.

You can find “Action Menu” via the BigBoss repo in Cydia.

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